About Us

Founded at Yale University in 1895, Pi Lambda Phi (Pilam) was the first non-sectarian fraternity in the United States, accepting men of good character without regard to race or religion. Today, Pilam chapters at colleges and universities across the United States seek to cultivate a brotherhood that promotes academics, community service, philanthropic engagement, leadership development, financial responsibility, social skills, and lifelong relationships. These values and the skills learned through the process help Pilam men succeed in their post-graduate endeavors. All of this is offered to undergraduate members in an environment free from hazing and drug & alcohol abuse.Our Florida Tech chapter, founded in 1992, has been a home for hundreds of brothers from all walks of life. Undergraduates are tasked as leaders in the campus community, from serving within the student government, to volunteering at our local schools, to working hands-on with the Greek Life office. Brothers are frequently challenged to be the best that they can be using the resources provided to them, from study hours to leadership trainings. It's not all business; when brothers aren't working hard, they take time to relax at the beach, only a 15 minute drive from our house in Greek Village, or at many of our local favorite spots we can't wait to show you!